Thursday, January 31, 2008

Introduction and an advertiser looking for bloggers

We are in the process of setting up a website to bring together bloggers and advertisers. In the meantime, if you have an interest in joining our network, do surf over to

Blogger Dough Yahoo group.

This is a private group. All you need to do is to click "Join" and write a short message about why you want to join the group. You can then post the URL of your blogs which you want to use to earn from your blogging efforts. Archives are hidden, so your posts in this private group will be private.

We currently have one advertiser who are looking for blogs to put a link and/or also to publish a post with a link or links to their website. Conditions may change as we get more advertisrs.

The PageRank of your blog should be 3 and above. To easily get the PageRank of any websites, including your blog or blogs, refer to How to get PageRank of websites including your own


Rockerdish said...

hey peter

i find this a useful initiative and so i want to joini it as a publisher.i will be joining your group soon.please give me more details there.
and yes thanks for your comment on my blog again.

Peter said...

We currently have an online pharmacy which wants either one or all of:

1. one or at most 2 post in the same blog with either one link to the homepage plus (optional, slightly more) one link to internal page

2. one post which may be just a listing of online pharmacies or listing of affiliate programs which include one link to their homepage

3. just a link on the homepage.

4. minimum PageRank 3

It is most suitable for health, fitness, natural remedies, alternative medicine, medical related blogs, but any blog can let me have the URL and make a proposal of what you want to do. We will counter with an offer (note that this is conditional on both side accepting a proposal and an offer), and if you accept, yours will be the first task and we will test out what is the best scheme we can work out, so things are still fluid and may change.

The advertiser wants whatever put up to be permanent. You on the other hand would not want to wait for payment forever to show to advertiser that yours will be on the web permanently. So I try a compromise. I guarantee that what you put up will be there for 30 days. Once we pass the 30 days period, we will make the payment offered to you via PayPal. You have to give us your undertaking that what you put on the web will be permanent and not be removed after you get paid.

In future, we will have other advertisers or website owners with different requirements, some of which may have very liberal requirements on PageRank, but obviously the amount they will be willing to pay will depend on the ranking of your blog. But by getting jobs, even if the payment is low, you are updating your blog and helping to improve PageRank while getting something for a task you want to do anyway, and once the PageRank improves, you may get better offers. So I would encourage you to join in the program even if your blog don't have good PageRank.

Get instructions on how to easily get PageRank of any website.

Also you can join one or both of these groups to keep updated and to facilitate communications:

Bloggerdough Yahoo group

Bloggerdough Google group

We help you earn with your blog or blogs. Blogging helped me support 2 college going son on pension, now want to do same for you.

Over to you and we will see how things turn out.


Hi again. I would be very grateful if I can earn some money from my blog. but i can't see how far can I go as Bahasa Malaysia is my blogs' prime language. For now, i'll just keep decorating my blog and join forums for advertisement. I assume that my PageRank also is not yet reaching 3, even 1 to join your upcoming program though I am interested to participate badly. I'm still learning,reading and slowly developing my blog. I'll catch you later, when I face another problem. Hope you don't mind. Thanks